Hunted Heroes

From his balcony, Steward Jacobson looks down at you.  Red and gold robes contrasting against the stark, empty walls of the hall.  Two heavily armoured guards stand beside him, rigid still.  The Steward noisily clears his throat and begins to speak in rich deep tones.

‘Welcome adventurers, the Mad King demands entertainment, and today you have the privilege of being that entertainment.  It is, indeed, an honour, and there are great riches awaiting you.

All you have to do is enter the maze and collect the gold I’ve left there.  Oh, and you’ll need to find the key if you want to get back out.

I should probably mention that I’ve only left one key in there, but I’m sure you can come to some arrangement on who gets to collect the prize purse for escaping first.

Now, stand clear of each other and I’ll transport you into the dungeon.  Just a little further apart please, last week I ended up sending Byron the Holy’s hand in with Sir Tenpenny.  He wasn’t quite as wholey after that.’

The light of magic streams around you as he finishes his dry laugh.  Just before you vanish to your destination, you hear one more piece of, perhaps vital, advice.

‘Oh, probably should have mentioned it.  Possibly nothing, maybe.  Just look out for the Guardian, you don’t want to meet that in a dark dungeon…’

Race your friends to find the key you need to escape the maze, but watch out, they can be a great deal less friendly when gold is at stake.  Oh, and do watch out for that Guardian.

Grab some friends and controllers and dive into Hunted Heroes, a fast-paced multiplayer game coming soon from Dragon’s Rest Studios.